Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mr. Kate goes to Delaware

Mr. Kate and I went to Delaware last weekend. This should really be both the beginning and the end of the post, because that's how boring Delaware was. A LOT of time was spent bird watching. There is only so much "birding" a girl can handle. Seriously.

Much like any other person (most of you, I'm sure), when bored, I dress up my dogs. Below is the result of this boredom and the accompanying dialogue.

I may have had an accomplice...

Mr. Kate: Is the dog wearing my underwear again?

Me: No! He's DELAWEARING your underwear!! HAHAHA!!** Good dog!!

Mr. Kate: You know I'm allergic to the dogs! And that was my last clean pair!

Me: I DelaLOVE you!

Mr. Kate: That wasn't even a pun.

**Mr. Kate included a special part in his wedding vows just for my jokes.
It went something like this " I promise to always laugh at your jokes... even when they are not as funny as you think they are."
I certainly make him live up to this promise.

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